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How Big Should My Mini Simmons Be?

How Big Should My Mini Simmons Be?

How Big Should My Mini Simmons Be?


Mate. What can I say!! Stoked. Probably not a strong enough emotion—Bloody stoked on my board.
I’m a short boarder that has reverted to a Mal on those small but perfect days. I hate Mals (probably because I’m shit at riding them). The Mini Simmons is amazing.

I have a mate that wants one but I’m struggling to get his dimensions right. Any advice? He’s 6ft and just under 200 pounds. I was thinking something around 5’11?
Everyone I know always goes too big on their first Mini Simmons. It’s really hard to wrap your mind around riding such a small board—it just goes against your intuition.
Your bro is about the same size as I am and my go to Mini Simmons is 5’3—there is where I found the sweetspot. In my opinion, 5’11 is way to big and you’ll have a hard time swinging that thing around. It will perform more like a longboard.
Try something in between the two, 5’6 is a good middle ground for most riders.
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