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Ode to Tomo Surfboards & Dan Thomson

Ode to Tomo Surfboards & Dan Thomson

Tomo Shaper Dan Thomson splits his time between San Diego, California, and Lennox Head, Australia (nice mixture of venues bro). His mission is to create the most advanced high performance surf crafts ever built.

18 months of rigorous development and testing since his first MPH concept in April 2009, Dan has achieved a harmonious balance in hull craft following design properties that decrease drag and increase thrust (that’s what we all look for, right?)

Some of the design principles he uses include:

  • A parallel (straighter) foiled outline with forward widepoint
  • Fluid amplification curves, outlines and rocker.
  • Hydrofoil / Aerofoil curves } provides significant drag reduction and higher levels of Dynamic surface planing lift.
  • Balance of volume in relation to surface planing lift. {L = CL P2 SV2}

*SIMMONS FORMULA: Efficient planing surface provide effective lift to counteract the riders weight. Therefore a reduction of physical length, area and volume is necessary.

He goes on to say about his designs:

Naturally, the lower drag and higher degrees of dynamic surface planing lift result in increased speed. Both acceleration and top-end. With an increase of the potential speed of a surfboard design requires equal degrees of control. The balance of these two aspects is crucial to a successful surfboard design.

This guy is a freaking scientist and goes on to reveal more of his formula here:

  • Lengthening of the hard edge (further lift and drag reduction) combined with modern, low volume, medium/ boxy rail profile for sensitive and forgiving rail transitions.
  • A parallel fin placement ( 0 degrees tow) will provide excellent control with negligible drag.
  • Complex Channel and Concave bottom contours and calculated angular and vector tail profiles have also achieved positive results with low drag control through radical directional changes.
  • Custom Designed Power-Drive Fins and Keels (Thomson designed): flex engineered hatchet fins provide increase drive and acceleration through turns with the low drag properties of smaller overall surface area and ability of the fin tips to instantaneously adjust (flex and load) to changing laminar pressures engaged by the rider and environment of the wave, providing constant forward thrust.

Ok, here is the visual of this mini artist extraordinaire:

Dan Thomson Mini Designs

Dan Thomson Mini Designs Hull

Dan Thomson Mini Designs Tail

Dan Thomson Mini Designs Chanels



More info on Tomo Surfboards—order one today!