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Taking Foam Off The Nose

Taking Foam Off The Nose

I love the lines on this Mini Simmons by Chino Surfboards in Maine , not sure I would bump the tail and the step seems a bit steep for my taste—but overall it’s an interesting shape.

I wanted to talk a bit about taking foam away foam from nose section, the above picture is an extreme example of this shaping technique.

If you take too much off the nose you wont be able to push over the lip on some of the smaller waves, so I like keeping lots of foam up there—but not too much.

If you leave too much foam up front your nose will be heavy and you won’t be able to whip it around when desired, so taking just the right amount is important.

I also find myself getting up on the nose quite often to get though slow sections on the wave, this is one of the best things about a Mini—you can ride it like a long board at times and then once you are in the pocket you can return to short-board type maneuvers—this is why the Mini Simmons is such a fun shape—where a short-board would bog and sink a Mini Simmons will glide and slide.

The bigger the Mini the more volume you can take from the nose, but on the smaller Minis I wouldn’t mess with digging the nose out too much cause you’ll need that foam up there to counterbalance the shorter shape.

It’s a delicate balance, but you get my drift.