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Royal Mini Simmons 6′

Royal Mini Simmons 6′

IMG_3080 IMG_3074 IMG_3068


Awesome mini Simmons shaped by Rob Lion of Royal Surfboards (currently working out of Santa Cruz Board Builders CA) in good condition.

A custom made modernized ‘simmons’. The traditional rolled entry through to flat, to concave through fins. Lovely pinched rails, upturned, to eggy, to down rail to hard edge.

Double glass with tail patch. Resin tint in the lam, ivory to green. This is an updated version of a Mini Simmons, at probably just a smudge under 3″ thick, rolled off into the rails, this baby is made to turn.

Bellied entry for lovely lifting taking off and rails that give the board direction and release sweetly in the turn.

No big puddle catching scoop in the noose, just a well blended s-deck to keep the foam where it need to be. As with all of Robs equipment, built to fly – built to last. Absolute mush-buster but loves the clean stuff about to about head high.




For Sale: 5’2″ Bauguess Mini Simmons $575 (Westminster, CA)

For Sale: 5’2″ Bauguess Mini Simmons $575 (Westminster, CA)

Bauguess Mini Simmons:

mini1 mini2 mini3

Bauguess Mini Simmons

Mini Simmons shaped by Joe Bauguess.

Awesome board. New condition. Only in water couple of times. Ride the original and feel the difference.

Fast, fun and loose. Custom dual keels. Custom traction. Board cost $900 priced to sell fast.

Keyword: Joe Bauguess Mini Simmons Custom Kustom EC Surf White Pony


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Ode To Shaper Charlie Wong

Ode To Shaper Charlie Wong

Charlie Wong. His boards are called Bubbaboards, he’s from Kailua, HI and has been underground shaping for years.

He used to run the Naish factory when they still hand-shaped windsurfers and makes an amazing longboard and fish.

A couple years ago he and Geoff Lee started talking about Mini Simmons and here is the result.


IMG_20130526_135820 IMG_20130526_135835 IMG_20130526_135853 IMG_20130526_135915


More on Geoff at

For Sale: 4’10” Mini Simmons surfboard – $325 (Daytona beach)

mini-2 mini-For Sale: 4’10” Mini Simmons surfboard – $325 (Daytona beach)

I have a 4’10″x 19 1/2″x 2 3/8″ jt mini Simmons for sale.

Board is eps/ epoxy construction with only a few heal dings on the deck.

Board is 3 months old in excellent condition. Has a 5 fin fcs fusion fin box setup.

Dk trac pad and custom paint( can be sanded off). BOARD ONLY, NO FINS…$325


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For Sale: 5’4 Mini Simmons (Venice Beach, CA)

For Sale: 5’4 Mini Simmons (Venice Beach, CA)

5’4 Mini Simmons (Venice Beach, CA. )A like new, “Bojorquez” model by Anderson Surfboards with quad Future Fins- excellent condition and ready to shred today!

This shape is a mini-Simmons influenced board and a great rider for our local summer slop surf– see the following Anderson Surfboards link for details.


5’6″ length
22″ wide
2 5/8″ thick


excellent, like new, watertight, no history of repairs, a few pressure dents, few scuffs,
no delmination, no soft spots, no creases, and solid -without damage Future Fins boxes

Fins: removable quad Future fins

$375 with a set of quad Future Fins

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The Mini Widget By Thomas Patrick

From Thomas on Blanks:

“Its a challenge to find the right blank for these shapes.

The obvious choice, fish blanks, have too much nose rocker. Modifying NR would require thicker (heavier) stringer to prevent springback.

I finally settled on the 81EA, cutting 18″ off the nose and 13″ off the tail.

Resulting rocker was almost exactly what I wanted.

Those are True Ames Tyler Warren Quads in Bamboo. Very light and aesthetically pleasing on this board.”

Now lets check this board . . .

TPS5-4MWQ_Bot1 TPS5-4MWQ_Bot2 TPS5-4MWQ_Deck2 TPS5-4MWQ_polish

Check out more of his shapes here.


For Sale: 5’5″ Larry Mabile Mini Simmons (Santa Cruz, CA)

For Sale: 5’5″ Larry Mabile Mini Simmons (Santa Cruz, CA)

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Happy to answer any questions just text Jake at 907-947-9577

5’5″ Larry Mabile (Third World Exotics) Mini Simmons. Twin keel glassed on fins. No dings, it is in excellent condition. This board is super fun, it catches waves really easily (easier than my fish) and goes really fast. I have mostly ridden it on knee to chest-high days but I bet it could work on larger days too. It would be good for an intermediate or advanced surfer that likes this style board or a beginner looking for something to step down to that is shorter and catches more waves than a fish. If you love surfing a fish or an egg but want to try something new, this is a great board. Don’t be scared off by the length, 5’5″ is actually pretty big for these boards and has more volume than a 6’0″+ fish. Larry Mabile is one of the great shaper in San Diego that makes a great Mini Simmons. I surfed this a lot as I was transitioning to smaller boards but these days mostly grab my thrusters. Located on the east side of Santa Cruz but I can bring this board to Mountain View during the work day if that is easier.

Mini Simmon-Esque Potato

Mini Simmon-Esque Potato

Brgoweb.jpgro_ (1)

I came across this shape by Mark Brog of Soul Performance which he describes as “takes design elements from a mini-simmons.”

It is a nice idea, but I feel it still lacks the simmon-esque qualities that I (we) all love and look for.
Mark calls this the  Mid Potato, he has added a tighter turning radius (in his opinion) with a unique diamond swallow tail. (Didn’t Roberts in Ventura already do that?)

He continues, “the abrupt outline adds for re-directional turns and the ability to break trim and shatter the stereotype of the template’s flow nature.”

Hum, not sure I want to break the Mini’s template flow.

I do like his next description, just for it’s entertainment value, “the overall spoon shape allows easy wave entry, while SNAP, CRACKLE, POP the quad fin set-up adds bursts of speed like a sugary cereal for a five-year-old.”

Interesting, but not ideal.

I like many of the concepts in his 6’4 shape but I’d cut a full foot off the template and spreed it out in a more appropriate Simmon-esque way.


What do you think?

For Sale: 5’4″ Mini Simmons Portsmouth

For Sale: 5’4″ Mini Simmons Portsmouth

3E73F43N75N85Ef5H3d4l9afafab5e7401f81 3F53Md3Hb5L55E15K6d4l38673df66d4c1c44 3Gb3L13I45I65G15Ffd4lfcd22b8595641b12 3Kb3M23Na5N25L75J1d4l15b28c1d15f21514

For Sale: 5’4″ Mini Simmons Portsmouth..

5’4″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 5/8″ Never waxed, never ridden, Mini-simmons surf board.

Volan glass job. Hand foiled, glassed on mini-simmons keel fins.

Displacement hull entry to a flat tail section.

This board was 100% hand made in New Hampshire from start to finish.

I shaped the board and made the fins in Portsmouth, the glass job was done by Dan Hanlon (of Hanlon Longboards) in Brentwood.

If you are looking for a quality, hand-made product designed by surfers for surfing in New England, this is your board.

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Video: 1949 Bob SIMMONS SANDWICH (1.25 mins)

Video: 1949 Bob SIMMONS SANDWICH (1.25 mins)

Bob SIMMONS SANDWICH.Seminal post-World War II surfboard designer and shaper from Pasadena, California; a primary architect of the modern surfboard who almost singlehandedly brought into play the now-fundamental principles of nose-lift, foil, and finely sculpted rails.

Simmons was born (1919) in Los Angeles, the son of a postman, and raised in the Los Angeles communities of Silverlake and Pasadena. He developed a cancerous tumor in his left ankle at age 16, and nearly had the limb amputated before the growth went into remission. Bicycling to rehabilitate his leg, Simmons was hit by a car and broke his left elbow, and the joint had to be fused at a 45-degree angle. While in the hospital recuperating, he was advised by another patient to take up surfing to help strengthen his arm. Simmons eventually became a skilled if ungainly surfer, limited somewhat by his bad limb, and riding in a straight-backed legs-together goofyfoot stance. Malibu was his favorite break, as it was with virtually all Southern California surfers in the ’40s and ’50s.


For Sale: 5’6 Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons Quad Fin $480 (Santa Barbara, CA)

For Sale: 5’6 Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons Quad Fin $480 (Santa Barbara, CA)

5’6 Hydrodynamica Mini Simmons Quad Fin. If I weren’t in Baja surfing this swell I’d run down and grab this board.

You should go get it quick.

Hydrodynamic Pilot Series Mini Simmons Quad Fin 5’6 Fish board Barely Used

Great board selling because he is moving . . .

Bought new at Wetsand surfshop for $999 last year.


5-6-3 5-6-2 5-6

For Sale: 5’5″ Mini Simmons $770 (Oz)

For Sale: 5’5″ Mini Simmons $770 (Oz)

5’5″ Mini Simmons, Near new Creative Army 5’5″ long x 21 5/8″ wide and 2 9/16′ thick

mini Simmons surfboard shaped by longboard world champ Josh Constable.

This board absolutely flies and is extremely maneuverable.

mini-1 mini-2

It makes summer surf fun. It is the go to board when the waves are gutless or you want to mix it up.

Barely used and in near new condition with custom tint and polished finish by Yoshi Takeda. New retail price is $1,100.00.

A chance to get a super fun board for much less than new.

I am selling to buy another one from Josh.

The model is the Taco.

First to see will buy.