Mini Simmon-Esque Potato

Mini Simmon-Esque Potato

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I came across this shape by Mark Brog of Soul Performance which he describes as “takes design elements from a mini-simmons.”

It is a nice idea, but I feel it still lacks the simmon-esque qualities that I (we) all love and look for.
Mark calls this the  Mid Potato, he has added a tighter turning radius (in his opinion) with a unique diamond swallow tail. (Didn’t Roberts in Ventura already do that?)

He continues, “the abrupt outline adds for re-directional turns and the ability to break trim and shatter the stereotype of the template’s flow nature.”

Hum, not sure I want to break the Mini’s template flow.

I do like his next description, just for it’s entertainment value, “the overall spoon shape allows easy wave entry, while SNAP, CRACKLE, POP the quad fin set-up adds bursts of speed like a sugary cereal for a five-year-old.”

Interesting, but not ideal.

I like many of the concepts in his 6’4 shape but I’d cut a full foot off the template and spreed it out in a more appropriate Simmon-esque way.


What do you think?

Derek, Mini Simmons Shaper

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