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Mini Simmons Mandala

Mini Simmons Surfboard

Mini Simmons Mandala

“Inspired by the performance of the Mini Simmons design resurrected by Joe Bauguess and further developed by Richard Kenvin, I combined the classic dimensions of the Greenough Velo Spoon template with the proven single concave to spiral vee bottom contour and the AK4 quad set-up.

These shorter boards with fuller outlines are incredibly fast and maneuverable, and can negotiate the terms without any compromise in speed.

The curve from the wide point to the tail is very close to the outline curve of a fish, which gives the board the similar drive and acceleration off the bottom.

While this classic fish curve gives the board plenty of drive, the rail-line rocker breaks before the center-line rocker, loosening up an outline which would otherwise want to draw a longer drawn-out line.

The round arctail feels at home in the pocket and responsive in hollower waves, providing the best of both worlds—the drive of a fish with the elliptical turning radius of a round tail.”

-Manuel Caro


For Sale: 2 Mini Simmons ($325)

For Sale: 2 Mini Simmons ($325)


I have two mini simmons surfboards for sale. Both are in excellent condition. The blue one is 5’8″x22 3/4x 3″ and the red one is 5’4″ x 22 1/2 x 2 3/4 “. The 5-8 has full rails, single concave and catches a ton of waves.

The 5-4 is a single to double concave with thinner rails and turns on a dime. Both are PU. I like them both but I’m getting a 5-6 and need to find space in the garage. I’m only selling one, so which ever goes first! No leash of bag with the boards, but they both have glassed on fins. Each one is $325 obo. If the ad is still up they’re available. Thanks for looking.

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Ode to Shaper Marcello Carneiro

Ode to Shaper Marcello Carneiro



Marcello has a degree in Physical Education and Postgraduate in Sports Training and Exercise Physiology. Santos surfer since 9 years and shaper from 17 today to 42—a lot of experience as a professional shaper .

During his 25-year career as a shaper, he studied with Silvio Zampol and Almir Salazar. Thorough and careful in their work, always striving for perfection in the drawings and measurements, but also in the creation of bold lines.

Marcello is one of the shapers of mega factory New Advance, there had opportunity to ” shapear ” to Picuruta and Leco Salazar , and many others who passed through there .

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For Sale: 5’4″ DONO Surfboards Mini Simmons – $475 (Oceanside)

For Sale: 5’4″ DONO Surfboards Mini Simmons – $475 (Oceanside)

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5’4″ DONO Surfboards Mini Simmons. 5’4″ X 20 1/4″ X 2 1/2″. 6 oz glass plus volan deck patch on the deck and 6 oz glass on the bottom. Full resin tint with a gloss and polish finish. Board was glassed by Wes Holderman Weston Surfboards and the ply fins were hand foiled by Donald Brink.

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta

Peru lives in the basque country (San Sebastian, North Spain). He has been surfing longboards since about 10 years ago, when he returned to the surf (abandoned for several years). And he has always found the Mini Simmons interesting, but hasen’t gotten a chance to test one.

There is also another circumstance: He had some fiber glass and polyester surplus from another past project, so this summer he decided to build his own Simmons.

The idea was to do something fast, with surplus or waste materials: a kind of ‘trashy simmons’ (board decorated in the same idea, attempt to seem a Koi Carp in five minutes).

As he didn’t have a blank foam, he used cheap 5mm wood. So he took the board template, and simplified it, leaving only the top and bottom lids and three longitudinal dividing walls.

To form the edges, he used wasted surf foam that had to plaster to close the holes. Now he is finally glassing it, and -you know- can’t wait to try it. It was born to be his favorite, for all its faults 🙂

Ode to Shaper Peru Izeta IMG_8260 IMG_8266 IMG_8289 IMG_8314 IMG_8320 IMG_8322 IMG_8330 IMG_8382 IMG_8391 IMG_8401


Asymmetrical Surfboard Review

Asymmetrical Surfboard Review

One of the things that can make surfing a frustrating endeavor is that we need to learn two different styles of riding: backside and front side. Almost without exception, every board in your local surf shop features boards designed on the assumption that we surf the same going right as we do going left. This is an unrealistic assumption. SurfScience wanted to learn more about asymmetrical surfboard designs that might enhance both our backhand and forehand surfing, instead of tailoring our experience to one or the other. If you are struggling to find a surfboard that suits your style for both backhand and forehand surfing, then perhaps it’s time to consider an asymmetrically shaped surfboard. You no longer need to adjust your surfing to a shape that is best designed for frontside turns when you really want to improve your backside surfing. Make sure you talk to your local shaper about this innovation in surfboard design and explore how it can improve your surfing performance.


Asymmetrical Surfboard Review: Web:


Grab Original Bob Simmons Board

Grab Original Bob Simmons Board

bob simmons original

Seminal post-World War II surfboard designer and shaper from Pasadena, California; a primary architect of the modern surfboard who almost singlehandedly brought into play the now-fundamental principles of nose-lift, foil, and finely sculpted rails.

Simmons was born (1919) in Los Angeles, the son of a postman, and raised in the Los Angeles communities of Silverlake and Pasadena. He developed a cancerous tumor in his left ankle at age 16, and nearly had the limb amputated before the growth went into remission. Bicycling to rehabilitate his leg, Simmons was hit by a car and broke his left elbow, and the joint had to be fused at a 45-degree angle. While in the hospital recuperating, he was advised by another patient to take up surfing to help strengthen his arm. Simmons eventually became a skilled if ungainly surfer, limited somewhat by his bad limb, and riding in a straight-backed legs-together goofyfoot stance. Malibu was his favorite break, as it was with virtually all Southern California surfers in the ’40s and ’50s. A high school dropout, Simmons nevertheless passed the admittance test to the California Institute of Technology, and was a part-time engineering student for nearly five years, earning straight As. When America entered the war in 1941, he quit school and became a machinist, and for two years after the war he worked on and off as a mathematician for Douglas Aircraft. He later attended San Diego State College for one semester and earned a B.S. in mathematics.

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Ode To Shaper Grant Newby

Ode To Shaper Grant Newby. Grant has  been building Mini Simmons for 8 years since Ian Zamora brought the first Mini Simmons to Australia in 2007 to the Alley Fish Fry that I used to run for 7 years down here.

mini simmons surfboards

mini simmon Grant Newby

I love my surfing and to be able to spend my time at the beach, out among the waves is one of lifes true pleasures. To now be building boards of my own to ride is such a great experience for me. I love to feel what the wave is doing , what the board is doing and being able to design boards that bring the whole experience together.

More on Grant here:

Mini Simmons Boardbags Now In Stock

Mini Simmons Boardbags Now In Stock


Mini Simmons Boardbags

In Stock NOW- click here.

  • 5’2
  • 5’6
  • 5’8
  • 5’10
  • 6′ 2

Need a travel bag? < those in stock too . . .

  • 6’2
  • 6’7
  • 7’6

Legendary Not A Fad. Mini Simmons Surfboard Bags made to fit your Mini Simmons and protect it from dings and dents with a wide arse and mid section.

The substantial hemp knits holds it’s durable shape and the steel mesh bottom protects the board from sun damage keeping it cool in direct sunlight.

  • High Quality Durable Eco Hemp
  • YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper
  • Adjustable Fin Expander
  • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Rubber Cased Comfort Handle
  • Interior & Exterior Fin & Leash Pockets
  • Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom
  • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee