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Ode to Shaper Craig Ludlow

Ode to Shaper Craig Ludlow

Ode to Shaper Craig Ludlow . Early 2015 I attended a Tree To Sea timber surfboard building workshop on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where I built a 6’4” fish. I was inspired to continue building boards with the knowledge I gained from the worksop. Mini-Simmons designs appealed to me, and after downloading the cad file from the Mini Simmons website I decided to turn my hand at building the 5’ 8” design.

The board is hollow with a plywood frame and Paulownia timber deck and base, including a cedar racing stripe. The finish is a satin marine varnish.

Still waiting to give the board a proper go, the first go last week was gutless point style waves breaking directly onto rocks on the high tide. Hopefully this week I’ll give it a crack.

I’ve now got the hang of board-cad and have two more Mini-Simmons designs ready to build but the next project is a 5’10” inspired from a Jeff McCallum Quagg II.

Shaper: Craig Ludlow (Hobart, Tasmania)

20160713_074514 (1) IMG_0399 IMG_0288



Ode to Shaper Steven Beattie

Ode to Shaper Steven Beattie

Thought I would keep you up to date with board #2.

The first board was really good in down the line fast waves but was a bit difficult on my backhand and when the waves got a bit of a pocket on them.

The aim was to shape a board that still had the glide of the original but could turn in the pocket a little better. Increased the rocker just a little and moved the concave towards the nose so I could get some vee out the tail, narrowed it a little and replaced the keel with close clustered split keel.

The result is a lot more squirt and control through turns, still really good glide and hold.



Ode to Shaper Kirill Beznosikov

Ode to Shaper Kirill Beznosikov

Kirill Beznosikov. I don’t remember how I came with idea of shaping a mini, it’s my first board and somehow I visited your site, and i got deeper and deeper in mini simms world. Got sucked in, I would say.

I live in Russia, Kaliningrad, Baltic Sea coast . Have some good windy swells, but “mushy waves” is what we surf here.

This board is made of eps beaded foam, cut from a cube of material, and glued to a stringer. It’s 6oz +4oz deck, 6 oz bottom with fins reinforcement patch, Epoxy resin. Size is 5″5′, and it has 50 liters of volume.

Best wishes, Kirill Beznosikov

P.S. Yesterday, it was surfed in belt high waves by my friend, and he said its a fun board and he would have one in a quiver.Ode to Sahper Kirill Beznosikov image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10



Ode To Shaper Bradley Losson

Ode To Shaper Bradley Losson

Words from Bradley: “Got thanks. Shaped a 5’5″. I’m 6’3″ and 200 lbs. I followed mostly direction from your website and book. Rail and single concave of a EC Fryed Fish I like. And a few gut decision. It is the first board I’ve ever shaped. So far surfs great. Flowy, fast, and just really fun. Thanks for all the guidance!”

Ode to Shaper Brad Losson

What up ?

Just checking in to make sure you downloaded your article ok?

What did you think, interesting huh?

The Mini Simmons history is super fascinating and boards keep changing. It is amazing to me that these boards went unnoticed for so long and now they are becoming a big hit.

I have been riding a mini for several years now, when the conditions call for it, of course.

We have been collecting tons of Mini Simmons surfing videos and we are stoked to share them with you.

I’d love to know what you thought and if you got one of these. There is a lot of good info on that site if you are thinking about trying one of these boards.

And if you already have one or have shaped one, I’d love to see a photo and a little write-up on the shaping process and your design ideas and strategy.

Have an awesome day,


~ Derek, Mini Simmons Surfboards Freak


Surfboard Review – Roberts Surfboards 3DF

Surfboard Review – Roberts Surfboards 3DF

Roberts Surfboards 3DF is designed for SPEED – low rocker and a straighter rail line makes this board fast fast fast. The wide double diamond tail provides the means for the board to use its speed keeping it loose through turns.

The chopped diamond nose and forward volume on Roberts Surfboards 3DF allows you to ride this board short. The straight rail line and low rocker make this board extremely fast and fun even in less than ideal surf.

Grab Roberts Surfboards 3DF here: